Pole Bending Bases

Pole Bending Bases This set of 6 quality Pole Bending Bases is made of high quality plastic. They are meant to place sand or water in the base to anchor it. Study and rugged, yet light enough for cheap shipping. Black only.

Bases are also available in Red, White and Blue!!

We also have Martha Josey Pole Bases available!

These bases have been upgraded to an even heavier rubber. With the increased weight, and increased UPS costs, we've had to raise the shipping charges.

Individual rubber bases available!
There are No hidden handling costs in our Pole Bending Bases shipping prices.

Make sure when comparing prices, that you look for "handling charges".

Usually in stock, but can be 2-3 weeks delivery.

We also accept Purchase orders from recognized Clubs and organizations. Simply call or fax us your information.
Red White Blue Bases
Check out the Red White and Blue Bases

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