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Jessie's Jewelry on Tack Dot Breastcollar Strap

We have Jewelry on Tack Headstalls and Breastcollars

These matched sets are made in the USA and are the genuine article. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. This stuff looks good, and is well built. It will stand up to regular use.

Matching sets available for all styles. If you don't see a noseband pictured, call us. We can usually get it for you.
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Fiesta Color Headstall Copper Marble Headstall Floral Turquoise Headstall Turquoise Buckstitch Headstall Silver Python Headstall Fiesta Browband Headstall Leather Peace Headstall Black Gator Crystal Dot Headstall Zebra Triple Scallop Zebra Concho Headstall Copper Star Headstall Peace Turquoise Gator Headstall Crystal Plum Black HeadStall Crystal Plum HeadStall Zebra 1 Ear HeadStall Cheetah Cross HeadStall Cheetah HeadStall Ultimate Horseshoe HeadStall Plain Zebra HeadStall Scallop Star HeadStall Copper Cross HeadStall Brown Gator HeadStall Zebra Bling HeadStall Copper Cross HeadStall Silver Cross HeadStall Silver Crystal Square HeadStall Black Crystal Gator HeadStall Pink Crystal Gator HeadStall Multi Crystal Cross HeadStall Zebra Square Crystal HeadStall Zebra Browband HeadStall Copper Stone HeadStall Buck Stitch HeadStall Purple Crystal HeadStall Orange Crystal HeadStall Zig Zag HeadStall Multi Color Dome Headstall Bronze Square Headstall Tangerine Stone Headstall Blue Wave Headstall Dark Prism Headstall Pink Prizm Headstall Snowflake Crystal Headstall Horseshoe Ice Headstall Silver Leather Headstall


Blue Floral Breastcollar Copper Marble Breastcollar Floral Turquoise Breastcollar Turquoise Buckstitch Breastcollar Silver Python Breastcollar Fiesta Breastcollar Leather Peace Breastcollar Zebra Triple Scallop Zebra Concho Breastcollar Black Gator Crystal Dot Breastcollar Copper Star Flower Breastcollar Peace Turquoise Gator Breastcollar Crystal Plum Natural Braid Breastcollar Crystal Plum Black Braid Breastcollar Cheetah Bronze Cross Breastcollar Cheetah Breastcollar Black Gator Breastcollar Ultimate Horseshoe Breastcollar Plain Zebra Breastcollar Double J Brown Gator Breastcollar Chocolate Horseshoe Breastcollar Silver Cross Zebra Breastcollar Copper Cross Breastcollar Silver Cross Breastcollar Silver Crystal Breastcollar Black Crystal Gator Breastcollar Pink Crystal Gator Breastcollar Multi Crystal Cross Breastcollar Zebra Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Dark Oil Square Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack MultiColor Dome Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Red Cross Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Jeweled Diamond Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Bronze Square Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Blue Wave Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Pink Cross Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Dark Prism Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Snowflake Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Horse Shoe Ice Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Round Prism Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Silver Dome Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Natural Rawhide Pink Stone Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Natural Rawhide  Star Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Silver Bling Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Silver Diamond Breastcollar Jewelry on Tack Natural Rawhide Jewels Breastcollar


Crystal Plum NoseBand Cheetah NoseBand Zebra Print NoseBand Silver Crystal Cross NoseBand Blue Wave NoseBand Dark Prism NoseBand Ice NoseBand Round Prism NoseBand Horse Shoe Ice  NoseBands


Even matching spur straps!!
Plum Gator Spur Straps Cheetah Copper Cross Spur Straps Zebra Crystal Spur Straps Zebra Spur Straps Sparkle Spur Straps Blue Wave Spur Straps Snowflake Spur Straps
Rubber Spur Straps Nylon Spur Straps Leather Spur Straps Ladies Leather Spur Straps

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